The City of Wayne, Michigan, has obtained the services of Andrews University's Division of Architecture with the purpose of identifying urban design solutions which may aid future redevelopment and economic restructuring efforts within the city's greater downtown area. The scope of the project includes the identification of potential development sites, an evaluation of existing land use patterns and the state of the public realm (including streets), as well as the development of urban design strategies which may assist in preserving and/or revitalizing the city's downtown and older neighborhoods.

The study and design process will be initiated via an on-site "charrette" designed to engage the citizens of Wayne in order to arrive at potential and credible development proposals. This charrette - sponsored by the City of Wayne - may be understood as an intense design workshop and will be led by Andrew University's Urban Design Studio. This is an opportunity for all citizens and businesses to participate in directing the future shape of the city. Beginning with an introduction of the project to the public at the Wayne Fire Station on Monday, September 26 at 7:00pm, the charrette will consult general citizens, local authorities and special interest groups in a collaborative effort to arrive at initial strategies and proposals. A schedule of public meetings and presentations (culminating with a final presentation on October 4) will be posted. The resulting body of work will then be refined and synthesized at Andrews University, which will submit a final strategic document to the City of Wayne by the end of 2005.