People can expect the charrette team to listen to citizens' questions, concerns, ideas and comments as it prepares an initial draft proposal during the charrette. Our doors are generally open during regular business hours and we always welcome individuals to give us their feedback, whether it is during a public meeting or a private conversation.

The charrette team is keenly aware of some of Wayne's darker periods of planning history and hopes to avoid being identified as "just another planning effort pushed upon the citizens of Wayne". Instead, we encourage citizens to join this collaborative effort by participating in the charrette. Criticism and positive feedback are welcome.

Also, citizens can expect to see many drawings. New Urbanists believe that true planning is not possible without drawing what the future might look like. Without drawings, it is impossible to coherently discuss urban design issues. For this reason a large variety of different drawings will be exhibited in the charrette space during the charrette. The intent of the drawings is to communicate ideas not just to professionals, but to all citizens - so they will be legible and understandable.

Finally, people can expect the charrette team to produce a proposal which is achievable. We have obtained the services of several professional consultants to investigate traffic and retail related issues. Also, the charrette will be consulting the relevant authorities (such as MDOT and SEMCOG) on various issues. Ultimately, this process is meaningless if it doesn't result in a vision which is achievable.